Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in Los Angeles are a growing problem. As more and more people are living closer and closer together, bed bugs have an ever easier time finding new victims to drain. Although virtually eradicated in the the industrialized world in the 1940’s, they have been steadily increasing in numbers since the 1990’s. Many experts blame the rise in bed bugs to resistance of pesticides as well as the rise in people moving closer together into more densely packed urban centers.

The thing about bed bugs, is that they are often felt, but not seen. They wait until humans are fast asleep before they begin their attack. They emerge from their hiding spaces in the dead of night and feed. They are very small until the reach their final stage of maturity. Oftentimes the only clues they leave behind of their presence is the little bites on your skin.

There is very good news though. Tanler Termite offers green bed bug solutions. There’s no need to fumigate your home with toxic chemicals to eradicate bed bugs. We know how to eliminate bed bugs with organic pest control methods so that you and your family are not exposed to harmful toxins and can maintain a healthy home environment.

Checking for Bed Bugs

If you suspect you may have bed bugs, then there are few simple things you can do to inspect.

1. Look for the small red bites on the skin often found in clusters together.

2. Look for their droppings which are a reddish brown color on your mattress.

3. When they die they leave behind “husks” of their bodies, which are also good indicators of their presence. The best way to ensure bed bugs are found in your home however, is to call experts in bed bug eradication.

At Tanler Termite we have solid methods to locate the source of bed bugs in homes, and once we find them, we will destroy them with our excellent pest control methods.

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