Home Inspection

There’s no place pests can hide from the inspectors of Tanler Termite. We know all the telltale signs of termite invasion or any other kind of pest invasion. Although we specialize in termites, we use a technical and investigative approach to locating infestations from many other types of pests including but not limited to rodents, bed bugs, ants, spiders and more. Our expert inspectors will discover the hiding places of pests, so that you can rest more comfortably at night without fear your home being invaded by pests.


1. Simply call our office during business hours to speak with one of our representatives.
2. Describe the problem and we’ll set up an appointment for one of our highly skilled inspectors to come and investigate your property.
3. Our expert inspectors will do a thorough investigation, and once the inspection is completed our representative will go over your options for treatment in detail with you.


We offer free termite inspections as long as the home is not for sale or in escrow. We’ll search the entire premises including the foundation in order to discover if your property requires treatment. Once we discover the source of your infestation, we will make sure to go over all of your available options to find what works best for you.

*We do charge a minimal fee for multi-unit complexes and commercial complexes.

Call us at (888) 982-6537 to set up an inspection today!

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