Altriset is a new and revolutionary pest control product. Recently released in 2010, this new termiticide is specialized to eliminate subterranean termites. Altriset has no fumes or odors. This product has been thoroughly researched and is known to have no effect on humans, pets, or house plants. It also safe for bees to come into contact with as it doesn’t contain any neonicotinoids.
Altriset is approved only for subterranean termites. It works by paralyzing the termites, so that they can no longer feed and in turn, wil no longer reproduce. Altriset spreads among colonies and has a really fast rate of spreading, killing all termites in a colony in less than three months. Altriset has a 5 year effect on keeping subterranean termites from returning when used properly. Our experts at Tanler Termite will make sure that the product is used efficiently so that all of subterranean termites will be eradicated from your home or office building. Call Tanler Termite today at (888) 982-6537 for your *free termite inspection!


Boracare is a green pest control product developed by Nisus Corp. which is designed to eliminate termites in the most natural way possible. Boracare saves a lot of time and energy in the future as treatments with Boracare are designed to last many, many years. Boracare also has a minimal impact on the environment as it is made mostly from borates which is naturally occuring mineral that goes directly on the wood and never into the soil.

In past times, gallons of termiticides would be pumped into the soil to eradicate subterranean termites. Borates are also known to be effective against ants, cockroaches, crickets and more. Using Boracare, especially in the dried-in phase of construction, will bolster your foundation against termite and other insect invasions for the long term.

Before Boracare hundreds of millions of gallons of harmful termiticides made its way into the soil every single year. Now, with Boracare, people can have their homes treated during the construction process to save time and money, and at any point after being constructed. Boracare lasts throughout the duration of the life of the wood, naturally. Having no odor, Boracare is not harmful to humans, pets or plants. With Boracare you can rest easily knowing that your home or building is not being eaten away by invasive pests.


Termidor is an amazing termite pest control product. Termidor is effective on both subterranean, drywood and formosan termites. No other termite control product has consistently proven itself to be more effective when it comes to solving termite problems in a home or building. There is no other commercially available termite control system which has a higher rate of success on the common types of termites.

Termidor termiticide is a product that utilizes an advanced formula which termites are unable to see, smell, or taste. This means that termites will be unable to avoid it once it has been applied in your home or office.  It comes in both dry and liquid formulas to deal with both subterranean termites and drywood termites. As Termidor is odor free, it will not interrupt your family’s routine.

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