Rodent Control

There’s nothing cute about rodents when they are infesting your home. They not only cause damage to your property, they are a major hazard to your health and your family’s health. Both mice and rats have the capabilities of spreading disease in multiple ways. It’s not only their bites which you need to be concerned about. They also transmit disease from their droppings. They also can contaminate food stored in cupboards and pantries. It’s very important that at the first of rodents in your home, you call an expert rodent pest control service.

When we are called in for a rodent control job, we use a multiple step process to insure we put a stop to the infestation. First we locate and sanitize all areas with rodent droppings. Next we remove unhealthy and soiled insulation. Then we exclude entry points by properly repairing and sealing off the access points used by rats and mice. Finally, we work on trapping the invading mice and rats to remove their presence permanently from your home.

At Tanler Termite, we are pest control professionals that will locate and eradicate the threat to your family’s health. We will locate where the pests are coming from and sanitize the areas where they’ve been hiding. We will get them out of your home! Let Tanler Termite solve your rodent problems. We are trained professionals who are happy to help your family gain peace of mind. Call us today at (888) 982-6537

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