TAP Insulation

T.A.P. stands for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control Insulation. TAP is a natural method of insulating homes and buildings against pests. TAP is generally designed to be applied to attics. In many homes, attics are places where humans rarely go and pests can thrive without interference. TAP works on many pests including termites, roaches, ants, spiders, silver fish and more. Once TAP is installed, it requires no additional treatment, as pests are unable to build up a tolerance to the natural materials being used for insulation.

TAP is made from a combination of the natural ingredients borate and cellulose which are two environmentally conscious pesticides. Also included in the ingredient list is recycled newspaper which is yet another reason it is an environmentally conscious product. TAP has an excellent record of success, as a building never needs to be retreated once installed.

TAP also serves other functions beyond pest control. It can lower energy bill costs by up to 20% and it even absorbs sound from either inside or outside to increase a sense of peace and well being. TAP truly is an amazing product, offering sustainable solutions in a truly innovative way. TAP will save you money on pest control, sanitation, and energy costs in the most natural way possible.

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